The Calvin Project
It's been a while, hasn't it? Wow. Well, let me elaborate. What we've been doing lately:
-Went and Presented to the 18th Biennial Marine Mammalogy Conference in Quebec
- Went and Presented to the Right Whale Conference in New Bedford Massachusetts
- Presented to the MERI Team in Blue Hill, Maine
- And presented to the Woman's Club in Castine, Maine, where we live. 

Wow! We've been really busy. Presenting to all these people has been great. They were all great listeners and made us feel good about talking. When we finished our speech in Quebec, we got a standing ovation from 1,000+ people! Then we sang the Calvin Song. 

But we still have a whole bunch more! In May, we'll be presenting to Jane Goodall in Rhode Island. Soon afterwards, we'll be doing a necropsy at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute. 

That's all we have lined up for now, but there's sure to be more! 

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